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Secret Revealed


Now I am going to reveal a secret that was shared by Divya Srinath Sir, Amit, Vipin and Sindhura. Secret that everybody must have guessed. Last semester, I was asked to do my project with Amit, Vipin, Sharadwata and Sindhura. We decided to do project on structures with Mr Divya Srinath as our guide. After the soil testing and slab analysis, our guide told us to start the frame analysis. DS sir insisted us to use Takabeya's Method. Though it's simpler than Kanis method, its still a hectic and laborious task that we need to complete as early as possible. With the very first frame I got so bored that I decided to make a computer program, which will do all the analysis for me. I just told Pavan "Yaar this frame analysis looks very hectic and I think I will be making some computer program to help me out." With that the whole class started asking me about that program and I politely denied even the existence of the same.
            I tried programming using Visual Basic 6.0 and after few failures, I finally got the prototype running in just 1 week. By then already it was mid April and I was forced to stop developing the program and continue frame analysis using the prototype version only. After the analysis of all the 15 frames got over in just 2 days, I relaxed till the last week of April, making the software I call "Frame Analysis using Takabeya's Method (in short FATM) even stronger and advanced. I never imagined that I would have to use that once again. Then comes the design of beams and columns. But we didn't get the reinforcement steel we were calculating for. Then it was discovered that there has been a mistake at the stage of load calculation. That was 1st May and we were supposed to submit the report by 15th. We had to start the project now from scratch.
            Vipin, Amit and I went again to the first chapter. Thankfully the advanced FATM came to our rescue and we finished the job in just 7 days, which had taken nearly a month previously. That was the test of effectiveness of the program. In the latest version, with the input of just the frame details, FEM and relative rigidity it can calculate everything from the corrected moment to mid span moment to reactions at every joint of the frame with all the step by step calculations. DS sir has really appreciated the program and told that he will be using it to verify the work done by our juniors. So now it's available on this site to download. For details how to use this software and to get the READ ME file feel free to contact me.

Few glimpses of FATM: -



Steps to install FATM: -

  • Click here to download.
  • Download the zip file.
  • Unzip the file and run Setup.exe