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Fate choose your Relations, You choose your Friends.

It is with this spirit that this site has been developed.


To meet & depart is the way of life.

But to depart & meet is hope of life.

We meet to create memories,

But we depart to preserve it

And this is life my friends.

            Not many believe that the completion of our engineering is actually the beginning of an everlasting friendship. The years spent together can never be replicated again in the future. Those Xerox notes, those night outs, those tensions before the exam. These all don’t come again. These are the moments that make us move through with a smile on our face.  As we slam the door of four years, we take away those feeling & special moments & feelings away from our hearts filled with love.

        My friends, today with each one of us on course to fly to the future world, carving for a place to cherish these moments, I feel this site will help us in bringing back those memories & help us to fly away to praise those days where lust for life & friendship was stronger than fear.

        Life may change; hope may vanish, but can die not. So please do spread the message of love & friendship because the two offices of these moments are collection & distribution.

“In the rhythm of life, sometimes we find ourselves out of tune,

But as long as there are people like us to provide the melody,

The beat goes on………..”